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As locally owned and operated businesses, we employ Illinois’s new home construction experts, consultants and administration staff who know the conditions inside out.

In business since 1986,

Mark and Michael are tried and true, with an exemplary reputation in the community. Paulson Construction will go above and beyond what is required to build trust, build anticipation, and build the home you've always envisioned.

At Paulson Construction, Inc., our mission is simple: keep the customer happy. Owners Mark and Michael Paulson have made honesty and integrity the paramount principles of our company and it’s proven in every home we build. Since every homebuyer has unique needs, we offer unlimited options, including custom, semi-custom, remodeling, additions, basements and spec homes, as well as professional architectural services.

Our focus is on elegance and clean design. You'll be amazed when you view the features available for your home, including majestic arched beams, sophisticated hardwood floors, gleaming granite countertops, and custom vent hoods. The carpeting is always upgraded, and you'll enjoy full masonry fireplaces, and generous casings and bases. Simply put, we go beyond average expectations to make every room an adventure

So if you need new house or work related house, we're the one to call!! Paulson Construction at (847) 639-8916. Or Email Us in or

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As locally owned and operated businesses, we employ Illinois’s new home construction experts, consultants and administration staff who know the conditions inside out.
Whether you're looking to build a new home from the ground-up, or just wanting to add an extra room, Paulson Construction, Inc. is the choice for people in Illinois . From preliminary drarings, to detailed price breakdowns to selecting qualified subcontractors, to ordering material, from supervising the work to certificate of occupancy, we will take you through the whole process.
In fact, our family of Illinois new home building specialists have built homes for just about every lifestyle and situation. And with decades of experiece, one of Illinois’s dependable home builders, you know that your new home will be very competitively priced.

Home remodeling is a major investment in any property. If you're looking to bring changes to the appearance of your home, trust the team at Paulson Construction, Inc.. As a trusted general contractor in Illinois, our goal is to transform your home into the space you've always wanted.
When you work with Paulson Construction, Inc. on a home remodeling project, you'll have a world of options from which to choose. From smaller renovations to complete overhauls, we have the tools and experience to handle it all. No matter the size or scope of your remodeling project, we'll take the time to understand your needs and work to come up with creative, cost-effective solutions for transforming your home.
For more information or to set up an appointment for an estimate, call us today.

Paulson Construction, Inc. offers kitchen remodeling in Illinois. When remodeling your kitchen, the first step, and the most important, is choosing a kitchen designer you can trust. Whether you're looking for a sleek modern look, something more traditional and elegant, or anything in between, we have the experience and advanced training to get the job done right the first time.
- We are a full-service kitchen designer. When you choose us for your kitchen renovation design, you can always rest assured that.
- All our employees have been hand-selected for experience, training and courtesy. - We will meet any special requests.
- Our designs combine elegance and style with comfortable simplicity and a respect for tradition. We believe in a comprehensive approach to architecture and are as comfortable with modern styles as with timeless classics.
- We will walk through the process with you step-by-step, from the initial meeting to discuss the property to drawings and building consultations.
We're proud of the relationships we’ve forged and our role in forming the community. We take a tremendous pride in our designs and will work alongside contractors and other design professionals to see your space fully realized. To schedule a design consultation with us, call us today!

Paulson Construction, Inc. Professionals in Illinois can help you with a complete bathroom remodeling project while addressing an entire remodel to smaller projects. Let the bathroom remodeling contractors at Paulson Construction, Inc. handle the job. We're the top performers when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Illinois. Whether it's a small bathroom, master bathroom, a modern bathroom, an extra large bathroom, or a fancy upscale bathroom, we've got the tools and the expertise to handle every aspect of the renovation.
We're equipped to remodel all kinds of bathrooms, and we offer custom solutions to suit your needs.
Paulson Construction, Inc. works with customers in the selection process, coordinates between activities and execute all aspects of the build concurrently. We will complete your small or large bathroom projects with high quality workmanship at a competitive price and in a professional manner. As your trusted and reliable partner in home repair, let us take care of your bathroom repairs and improvements with just one call!

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